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The Cold War on Truth Will Likely Turn Hot

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America is already at a cold war for sodomy and transgenderism; a cold War on Truth. The war consists of journalists, celebrities, politicians, and more engaging in constant influence operations that spread disinformation. They want to convince people in the U.S. and across the globe to reject what is right and good, and to demonize anyone who won’t do so.

But the war also increasingly consists of extreme social and even legal consequences for anyone who won’t surrender. Worse still, American leaders are making it quite clear that they now consider sodomy and transgenderism to be “human rights,” and that anyone who won’t acknowledge these “rights” is engaging in a “crime against humanity.” And whenever people engage in “crimes against humanity” and refuse to change, a hot war regularly follows.

Thus, it is likely the U.S. will someday wage a physical war, domestically or abroad, against people who refuse to embrace evil; who refuse to recognize “gay rights” or who refuse to say that a man is a “woman.”

What follows is a succinct analysis that leads to this assessment.

Past Assessments

Years ago I warned that autotheists (those who rule our society and see themselves as gods who determine what is right and wrong; what is reality) were particularly passionate about all things sodomy. As far back as 2013, I wrote assessments about how dangerous they were becoming.

In September of 2013, I published “The Consequences of Making Morality a ‘Crime against Humanity.’” I ended that assessment by noting that both rhetoric and actions were indicating a more hostile future for the War on Truth.

So while some people may enjoy writing novels that warn against a Christian theocratic takeover of the United States, perhaps it would make more sense for someone to write a novel about an atheist, humanist, and/or secularist theocracy (with humans as their own gods) taking over the United States and warring on Christian “enemies of the state” . . . especially as people begin talking about the advancement of the same-sex agenda in increasingly militant terms. 
But again, in all seriousness, the U.S. and the U.N. would never use physical force to advance the same-sex agenda. Right? 
Of course not . . . but then again . . . what is it that nations do to enemies of the human race? Why they kill them.

No hot war yet. But things have become much worse since 2013.

U.S. Is Hinting at an Escalation of the War on Truth

Matt Barber and I wrote Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity in 2016. Nearly three years later and the book is as relevant as ever.

Chapters 11 through 16 are particularly germane in relation to the War on Truth. Hating Jesus documents all that has occurred, and how those running the U.S. (government and cultural leaders) are increasingly demonizing normalcy and redefining it as “evil.”

But even if you haven’t read the book, examples of how American leaders are increasingly shaping things to justify a physical War on Truth occur regularly. Here’s a small sampling of news items from this year that show what is happening in America alone.

** “Did you use the wrong gender pronoun at a social event? If you’re a lawyer, you might be punished.” (The College Fix, May 22)

** “Your Daughter, Somebody Else’s Son” (The American Conservative, May 30) – “‘Similar legislation has been passed in a number of states, but this is the first time that helping your child feel comfortable in their own body could brand you a child abuser,’ said Beckwith, whose organization advocates for Judaeo-Christian family values on Beacon Hill. ‘This is a bill that would allow the state to take away your daughter and make her someone else’s son.’”

** “GOP Gov. Chris Sununu Plans to Sign Transgender Activist Bills” (Breitbart, June 1) – “The second (HB 587) would ban therapists in New Hampshire from treating, in an unbiased, clinical manner, children who claim to be a gender that does not correspond to their biological sex, or who are suffering from unwanted attraction to the same sex.”

** “California Bans Travel to Oklahoma over ‘Discriminatory’ Gay Adoption Law, OU-UCLA Football Likely Exempted” (Breitbart, June 3)

** “Brownsburg teacher says transgender name policy goes against his religious beliefs” (Indy Star, June 5) – “John Kluge, the former orchestra teacher at Brownsburg High School, said the school district’s requirement that teachers call transgender students by their preferred names, rather than those given at birth, goes against his religious beliefs. The requirement, Kluge said, violates his First Amendment rights.”

** “Pelosi’s Top Legislative Priority Would Punish Dissenters on LGBT Issues” (The Daily Signal, Oct. 30)

** “Democrats: ‘Cruel and Unscientific’ to Define Legal Sex by Biology” (Breitbart, Nov. 11)

** “Twitter Bans ‘Misgendering’ and ‘Deadnaming’ Transgender People” (Breitbart, Nov. 26) – “In an effort to fight ‘anti-trans abuse’ on their platform, Twitter has banned ‘misgendering’ and ‘deadnaming’ on their platform, Pink News reports. The act of ‘misgendering’ refers to calling someone by the pronouns of their biological sex rather than those of the gender they have stated they wish to be, while ‘deadnaming’ means to call a transgender person who has changed their name by the name they were given at birth.”

** “6-year-old boy forced to live as a girl while mom threatens dad for not going along” (Life Site News, Nov. 28) – “A six-year-old Texas boy is being dressed and presented as a girl by his mother; at the same time, she is threatening the boy’s father legally for not going along with her plan for their son to live as a girl.”

** “Hollywood Producer Ryan Murphy Launching Multi-Million Dollar Crusade to Defeat ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ GOP Lawmakers” (Breitbart, Dec. 3)

** “NBC Praises New LGBTQ Film As ‘Classic Family Drama’ & ‘Tool for Activism’” (Newsbusters, Dec. 5) – “Author Garrard Conley wants the film adaptation of his novel Boy Erased: The Memoir to inspire people to realize that controversial ‘Gay conversion therapy’ is ‘torture.’”

** “Virginia Teacher Sacked for Misgendering Transgender Student” (The Daily Caller, Dec. 7) – “A Virginia high school teacher was sacked Thursday for allegedly misgendering a student, marking the first time in the state that an educator has lost a job for using biological pronouns to refer to a student.”

** “Nolte: Colorado’s Religious Persecution of Masterpiece Cakeshop Continues” (Breitbart, Dec. 20) – “And now, even after everything this man has been put through over the last six years, even after winning a Supreme Court case with a 7-2 vote, he is back in court for refusing to design a cake … this time, one that celebrates trangenderism.”

“Torture,” “child abuser,” “cruel and unscientific,” “misgendering,” and “deadnaming” are terms and phrases being applied to people who won’t bend the knee to the War on Truth. People are losing jobs and being repeatedly sued—even after winning at the U.S. Supreme Court—for failing to submit to it. States are sanctioning other states that won’t join them in the War. And government is even enacting laws that criminalize opposition to it.

So what comes next? What will American leaders do after stigmatization, the destruction of professional and personal lives, and even criminalization fail to cause everyone to surrender to their War on Truth?

If you’re still having trouble believing that the cold War on Truth could ever become a hot one (again, either domestically or abroad), consider what the director of U.S. Office of Management and Budget said this past July 30.

Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Mick Mulvaney says past administrations have leveraged foreign aid to other countries to advance policy initiatives such as abortion and gay marriage. . . . 
Mulvaney said he was shocked to learn how previous administrations used foreign aid to coerce other countries to ignore their own laws against things like abortion and gay marriage: 
“It was stunning to me that my government under a previous administration would go to folks in sub-Saharan Africa and say, ‘We know that you have a law against abortion, but if you enforce that law, you’re not going to get any of our money. We know you have a law against gay marriage, but if you enforce that law, we’re not going to give you any money.’”

So in addition to what American cultural and governmental leaders are doing in America, they are also using soft power against other nations that resist the War on Truth.

And as is the case with Americans who won’t surrender when stigmatization, personal and professional destruction, and even criminalization fail to cause them to surrender, what happens when soft power doesn’t work on foreign nations?

Things escalate.


There is no indication that there is anyone who will stop the cold War on Truth from escalating.

Indeed, even as people are now weaponizng children to advance this religious, vile war—even as they are doing the most despicable things with children and openly celebrating it—there appears to be no one who has both the ability and desire to lead a true fight back against it.

Society likely has passed the point of no return.

Nevertheless, don’t expect many people to recognize it.

As is the case with any accurate intelligence assessment that forecasts an “extreme” event, most people will mock this assessment. Those who want it to happen will mock the forecast in hopes of discouraging anyone from believing it. Meanwhile, those who don’t want it to happen yet cannot imagine such a future will mock it because their disbelief is so strong.

However, there are some ways to counter such mockery. For instance, it would be worthwhile to start asking American leaders—celebrities, journalists, businessmen, politicians, pundits, and so forth—if they would support a hot war against people who reject “gay marriage” and “sex-changing” children; who use the “wrong pronouns” and who commit other “crimes against humanity.” Their responses might be quite interesting.

The cold War on Truth has been raging for years. And the day when it likely will become a hot one—when America likely will go to a physical war for evil domestically or abroad—is rapidly approaching.

The only way it won’t occur is if a miracle happens.

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