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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

U.S. Armed Forces Now Have Female-only Units and No Male-only Units [VIDEO]

Video by Cpl. Victoria Decker.
There is no longer an option to be in a U.S. armed forces unit that excludes women. At the same time, at least one female-only unit exists, with a Sep. 7 video of a U.S. Marine Corps female engagement team (FET) training in Sri Lanka serving as a reminder of this. This change to American military forces shows how effective progressives have been in fundamentally transforming the culture and thinking of America.

The official video released by the Marines shows the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit FET members increasing “their interoperability by training with their Sri Lanka Navy and Marine counterparts.” The footage reveals that the American FET taught the Sri Lankan military members things such as first aid, combative techniques, and other tasks.

But it also provides a visual example of how the U.S. armed forces now have female-only units even as proponents of women in combat have successfully destroyed male-only units. Not only does this demonstrate a fundamental change in American military culture, but it demonstrates a fundamental change in America overall as well.

Suggesting that there should be male-only units in the armed forces (a collective organization that ostensibly is designed to kill and defeat enemies in war) now brings about hysterical outrage from both the political left and right. Meanwhile, female-only units are met with praise and the armed forces proudly promotes them.

Progressives are dedicated and competent in advancing their agenda. Conservatives, on the other hand, are endlessly incompetent and have no true desire to counter progressivism. The fundamental change progressives have done to American military forces starkly illustrates this truth.

Note: The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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