Monday, July 23, 2018

Missoulian Spotlights Novel RE ‘Love Between an Adult and Teenager’

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American culture continues its downward spiral. And a July 7 interview in the Missoulian about University of Montana professor Casey Charles and The Monkey Cages, his novel about “love” between a man and a teenage boy, demonstrates that there will be no depth too low for it to sink.

The Missoulian is a newspaper in Missoula, Montana. It credits Keila Szpaller as the author of “University of Montana professor discusses new novel about gay witch hunt in Boise.” The entire interview is worth reading because I so thoroughly disagree with it. It shows how we really have reached a point where debate is worthless since we no longer share any common beliefs as a society.

The first paragraph sets the tone for the entire interview: “In his new novel The Monkey Cages, author and University of Montana professor Casey Charles takes on a taboo subject, love between an adult and teenager.”

Perhaps some things really should be taboo; perhaps we really should despise certain things. In fact, no “perhaps” about it. And in a way we all know this. It’s just that we are at polar opposite ends on what we should despise. Part of our society believes we should despise evil; the other part believes we should despise good. . . .

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