Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Netflix Plans Lesbian POTUS Movie. ‘The First Transgender Superhuman’ Beat It to the Punch.

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Netflix announced in May that it is planning to debut First Ladies, a movie about a female president and her lesbian lover. And while the concept of a sodomite president is meant to be groundbreaking, it really isn’t. “The First Transgender Superhuman” featured a U.S. president strongly hinted to be a sodomite.

The Daily Caller reported on May 18 that “Jennifer Aniston Will Be Playing Lesbian President in New Netflix Original.” The article said that Aniston will portray “the first woman and lesbian President of the United States.” It added that “Her partner will be played by Tig Notaro as the first lady. The two of them will be portraying Beverly and Kasey Nicholson as the president and first lady.”

I wrote the three short stories for my book Mortal Gods: Ignition, which Freedom Press International published in 2016. “The First Transgender Superhuman” was the second tale in the anthology and featured the following passage:

The President looked back at his body man who was sitting with the dignitaries. His body man looked back and shrugged his shoulders. He wore a navy suit with a white shirt and pink tie, complete with the small lapel pin he always wore.

So no wife for the President but he does have a body man sporting a pink tie and an unidentified “lapel pin he always wore.” Hmmm. What is that hinting at about the president and his body man?

There’s a reason the President is so obsessed with finding the first transgender superhuman, and there’s a reason he’s so obsessed with sodomy in general (complete with a cabinet-level Secretary of Equality who uses “zir” as a pronoun): he’s a sodomite.

Netflix and the people producing First Ladies may think they’re doing something new with the concept of a sodomite POTUS. They aren’t. I featured one as a main character in “The First Transgender Superhuman,” a story published over two years ago.

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