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Monday, June 18, 2018

I’m Doing the Opposite of What DC’s Vertigo Comics & Everyone Else Are Doing

Excerpt of “Safe Sex” #1 Cover.
In early June, Vertigo (an imprint of DC Comics) announced that it was doing a “line-wide relaunch,” which would be headlined by seven comic books. These comic books will feature stories focusing on white supremacy, subservient housewives, lesbian sex workers, an irreverent story about God and Jesus, and similar topics. A lot of people were unimpressed with the announcement, similar to how they are unimpressed with the way creators are treating established intellectual property such as Star Wars, Marvel Comics and so forth. Many of these same people vocally encourage creators to change what they are doing. I’m not among these people. Instead, I am focused on creating my own intellectual property, full of new characters, universes, and stories that are entirely the opposite of what Vertigo and everyone else are doing.

The official press release announcing the Vertigo relaunch provides summaries of all seven of the new titles. It also has previews of first-issue covers. Industry trade publications greeted the announcement with enthusiasm. But again, many other people did not.

I’ve written a lot about culture over the years. If you’ve followed me, you can guess what my view is on the announcement. If you haven’t followed me, suffice it to say that nothing in the Vertigo press release appeals to me.

In the same way, all I have to say about the directions that Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Nancy Drew, and pretty much every other popular IP are taking is that I disagree with them. But I don’t care if they don’t change those directions. And that’s because my focus is on creating my own fiction.

And my fiction is entirely different than what you find in mainstream arts and entertainment.

I’m not making a hyperbolic statement. Again, read the Vertigo press release. I can almost guarantee you that however the seven different comic books present white supremacy, subservient housewives, sexual behavior, theology, and so forth, my views on all such topics will be the opposite of the creators writing stories about them.

In fact, stories I’m working on (or have already written) incorporate the issues of black supremacy, illegal aliens, good little housewives, and more.

You see, I’m no longer interested in “rescuing” someone else’s IP, or “dialoguing” with people who don’t share my views and who openly hate me and everything I believe. Contrary to the popular saying that “we need to find common ground,” we actually need to go our separate ways.

Going our separate ways involves multiple steps. One such step is beginning to create our own culture. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I don’t like anything that Vertigo, DC Comics, or other big companies are doing. But I don’t want them to stop. I hope they destroy themselves. Meanwhile, I’m creating new characters, new worlds, and new tales—new things that are entirely the opposite of what you’ll find everyone else doing.

And if that appeals to you, I encourage you to give my fiction a shot.

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