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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Google Opens the Door for Firing Progressives

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Google fired James Damore on Monday because of an initially internal writing he authored regarding company culture. And while people’s outrage over the termination is understandable, that outrage won’t achieve anything on its own. So action must follow it. And a solid course of action would be for other employers to start firing people who have progressive beliefs.

In case you aren’t aware of what happened, Breitbart provides a summary of what Damore wrote and Google’s stated reason for firing him. Progressives have cheered the firing and want more terminations of anyone who might disagree with them. Meanwhile, others have defended him and are talking about how it is becoming increasingly difficult to say anything that doesn’t adhere to progressive doctrine without risking your career.

Progressives are wrong and those who are complaining are correct. But we are far past the stage where complaining serves much purpose. Therefore, it is time for action—action that puts progressives on the defensive. And my proposal is quite simple: employers should start firing employees who say anything supportive of progressives or their positions. . . .

Read the entire post at BarbWire.

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