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Sunday, July 23, 2017

No Consequences for Democrat & Media Support of Russian-promoted Occupy Wall Street

Russia. Map Courtesy of CIA World Factbook.
One of the conclusions elements of the U.S. intelligence community made regarding Russian interference in U.S. elections was that Russia promoted the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Democratic Party and major media organizations support OWS. But to date, there have been no negative consequences for the Democrats or media.

SCI noted in January that the intelligence assessment the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released revealed that Russia promoted OWS during the 2012 presidential election cycle. The Democratic Party and major media organizations openly sided with OWS throughout the campaign (and beyond). And that wasn’t a minor thing.

Media and Democratic support for OWS was widespread during the prime years of OWS in 2011 and 2012. That support remains strong (even if less noticeable) to this day. Indeed, the entire Ruling Class backed OWS during its heyday, with even the U.S. government offering tacit approval.

In 2011, I wrote a brief post at Breitbart that documented how the Department of Defense was allowing its troops to promote OWS. In that same post, I noted how U.S. government propaganda outlets RFE/RL and VOA were publishing positive news items for the group as well.

And when Election Day arrived in November of 2012, Barack Obama won another term in office.

Yet no one in power has ever challenged the validity of Obama’s victory. And no one in power has called for long, widespread investigations that would search to find out if the Democrats and media colluded with Russia on behalf of Obama. In fact, no one in power has ever expressed much, if any, interest at all about how the Democrats and media supported OWS at the same time that Russia promoted the group.

The ODNI revelation that Russia promoted OWS is extremely troubling. It is a serious national security concern. Yet no one in power has expressed any unease about it much less called for a thorough investigation into it to find out if the Democrats and media colluded with Russia to help Obama win in 2012.

And there are no signs that anyone will do so.

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