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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mainstream Media Are Certainly Hostile Intelligence Organizations

The Security and Culture Intelligencer
Major media organizations continue accusing Donald Trump of engaging in treason with Russia. The baseless charges serve as a reminder that media have conducted harmful influence operations against the U.S. for decades. Consequently, Americans should treat these media entities as hostile intelligence organizations.

James Comey worked with the media to start the current investigation into Trump regarding the conspiracy theories surrounding him and Russia. Comey did this by providing classified memos to the media through a friend. The investigation, of course, is designed to end with Trump being removed from office.

All of this is strikingly similar to how a state intelligence organization might operate if it wanted to change the leadership of the United States.

And this is not something unusual for the media.

Nearly every day the media seem to launch new accusations against Trump based on illegal leaks from government officials. The illegal leaks are so bad (in both the amount and severity of the information they disclose) that in early July the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs released a report titled, “State Secrets: How an Avalanche of Media Leaks Is Harming National Security.” An excerpt from its executive summary emphasizes the damage the media are doing to the U.S. . . .

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