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Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Does Hollywood Keep Working with Jackie Chan?

China. Map Courtesy of CIA World Factbook.
Influence operations are all the rage right now.

Politicians and media bombard us with stories about Russian interference in America’s political system. So there should be a lot of attention on how Hollywood happily helps China conduct influence operations across the globe.

On a smaller level, people should be paying attention to Jackie Chan and Hollywood. Specifically, why Hollywood continues working with the “Rush Hour” star when he spreads pro-China and anti-America propaganda.

The Hollywood Reporter reported on May 11 that, “Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone Team Up for Action Pic ‘Ex-Baghdad.’” THR described the movie as being about “two ex-special forces soldiers who must escort a group of civilians along Baghdad’s ‘Highway of Death’ to the safety of the Green Zone.” The same post noted that it’s an $80 million Chinese production.

China now influences a lot of what Hollywood produces, so the Chinese financing “Ex-Baghdad” comes as no surprise. But the influence China has over Hollywood is disturbing.

China is one of the top national security threats to the United States. Those who have followed my writings know how this Chinese threat has directly affected me. So the report of Stallone planning to make a new movie with Chan should be disconcerting. Chan, after all, has made no attempt to hide his dislike of America and his desire to see China dominate it.

The Washington Post published, “The anti-Americanism of Jackie Chan,” in 2013, and provided both a video clip and translation of an interview Chan gave to a Chinese audience. In that interview he ripped America as “corrupt.” . . .

Read the entire piece at Hollywood in Toto.

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