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Monday, April 24, 2017

Mortal Gods: “HVT” – Chapter 7

Mortal Gods: “HVT” Cover Art.
© Paul Hair, 2017.
Mortal Gods: “HVT” is an original story set in the universe of Mortal Gods. I have published this short story serially at Liberate Liberty and simultaneously at Liberty Island Magazine. Chapter 7 completes the story.


Note: This story takes place after the events of, “Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood,” in the book, Mortal Gods: Ignition.

Chapter 7:

He whipped his assault pack off his back and unzipped it. He plunged his hand inside and grabbed the biometrics equipment. The device was about the size of a large camera that a professional photographer might use. He moved quickly and simultaneously counted down time in his head.

30, 29, 28. . . . But the voice in his head was not his own. Instead, it was the voice of the RMD operations officer who had helped train him on how to collect the biometrics intelligence.

“You had better be quick in collecting all the data!” the operations officer had yelled at him during training. “Because the whole terrorist camp is going to be rushing towards you once you breach the HVT’s quarters!” the man had screamed.

Other RMD officers had explained to Adam that the operations officer yelling at him was a way for them to inject stress into the training (since he would experience stress during the actual war operation).

They had used training explosives and recorded gunfire for simulated stress as well.

But the yelling had only lasted through one training scenario. The second time they had gone through it the operations officer had only counted down to 20 or so when Adam had turned around and struck him in the chest.

The strike had been mild by Adam’s standards. But it had been enough to send the man flying across the room and slamming into a wall. After he had recovered from the shock and pain, he had started screaming at Adam. Adam had ignored him, choosing instead to listen to the other RMD officers as they excoriated him.

They had said that if he couldn’t handle the stress of someone yelling, there would be no way he could handle the stress of actual war.

“Actually,” Adam had told them, “that is how I would handle the stress of war. I’d take out anything that was causing it.”

No one had screamed at Adam after that. . . .

Read the whole chapter at Liberate Liberty or Liberty Island Magazine.

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