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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Egypt: U.S. Troops Watch Islamic Terrorists Slaughter Christians

Map Courtesy of The World Factbook
Egypt continues struggling in fighting against Islamic terrorism, with many jihadist attacks focused on Christians. Yet even as U.S. troops are stationed in the Sinai Peninsula, they do not assist Egyptian forces and instead watch the slaughter of Christians. Furthermore, no one has demanded that they stop the violence. And no one has accused the U.S. of being morally irresponsible for doing nothing. There’s a reason for this lack of action. But the lack of action also demonstrates how the U.S. has no obligation to stop every problem in the world — and that it has no desire to do so when Christians are the victims.

Back in 2013, I forecasted that the U.S. intervening in Syria would result in increased jihadist activity in Egypt. That has long since occurred. And while the jihadists target many different people, they have targeted Christians with a significant amount of attacks.

U.S. troops make up a large portion of the Multinational Force & Observers in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. They are close to most of the attacks that are occurring. But they don’t do a thing to stop Islamic terrorists from slaughtering Christians. . . .

Read the entire analysis at BarbWire.

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