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Monday, March 20, 2017

Venezuela Follows U.S. Lead by Arresting Bakers

Venezuela. Map Courtesy of CIA World Factbook.
Venezuela is following the lead of the United States of America by sending government agents to arrest bakers according to a March 16 report by the Miami Herald.

With a dateline from Bogota, Colombia, the Miami Herald reported that the Venezuelan government is responding to national bread shortages “by detaining bakers and seizing establishments.”

The article goes on to report that the Venezuelan government justified the arrests and seizures by saying that “the bakers had been selling underweight bread and were using price-regulated flour to illegally make specialty items, like sweet rolls and croissants.”

Venezuela arresting bakers is similar to how state governments within the U.S. have arrested and prosecuted American bakers. The U.S. state governments have arrested American bakers for declining requests to bake wedding cakes for sodomites, and for otherwise refusing to prostrate themselves before autotheism.

Autotheism is the official government religion of America.

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