Thursday, March 9, 2017

Those Lecturing Us about Truth Are the Ones Who Destroyed It

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Never before have people so despised truth, our betters tell us. We must reject fake news and false narratives, they say. But what those lecturing us fail to admit—and never will—is that they are the ones who destroyed truth.

As the organs of power recoil in terror at the threat to their corrupt rule, they deem the everyday American as being guilty of thirsting for lies and despising the truth—truth which they say only they possess.

And while they might be partially accurate in their declaration that a great many people despise truth, the Ruling Elites have no business lecturing us on the loss of it. After all, they lead the war on it.

The same people telling us that society rejects truth are the same people who have promoted one of the greatest lies in history: that a man is a “woman.” . . .

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