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Monday, March 27, 2017

Mortal Gods: “HVT” – Chapter 3

Mortal Gods: “HVT” Cover Art.
© Paul Hair, 2017.
Mortal Gods: “HVT” is an original story set in the universe of Mortal Gods. I am publishing this short story serially at Liberate Liberty and simultaneously at Liberty Island Magazine. I will publish a new chapter each week (normally Mondays) until I complete the story.


Note: This story takes place after the events of, “Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood,” in the book, Mortal Gods: Ignition.

Chapter 3:

Adam returned to his quarters and stayed there until someone contacted him on the landline phone in his room. He soon was back in the series of hallways of the underground facility.

This time his feet made a louder sound on the clean floor, with his boots pounding out a dull thud. He didn’t pass anyone on his way to his destination this time.

He wore a black tactical uniform. The RMD had specifically designed it for him and while it bore a resemblance to a military battle dress uniform it had its unique aspects as well. The solid black color was one of those unique aspects. The lack of name tapes and insignia was another one.

Adam walked a different route than he had previously. When he reached where he was supposed to be he grabbed the proximity badge on the lanyard around his neck, scanned it, punched in his code, and entered the room.

The briefing room was much larger than the waiting room of the medical facility where he had gone for his second physical exam. But it was smaller than the actual medical examination room.

Adam walked into the filled room and was familiar with many of the faces as they all looked at him. The lighting in here was different—better—than the hallways and medical facility. The overhead fixtures were more sophisticated and they burned soft, incandescent bulbs. The walls were still metallic and navy blue, and the floor was still black. But the lighting gave it a different feel. . . .

Read the whole chapter at Liberate Liberty or Liberty Island Magazine.

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