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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

‘Iron Fist:’ Will the Character’s Obscurity Help the Netflix Series?

Finn Jones as Iron Fist. Image via Netflix.
Netflix gave us the first look at the upcoming Iron Fist with the trailer it released in February. In a little less than two weeks, the series debuts in full. Will audiences want yet another adaptation based on a comic book superhero? And will Iron Fist differ significantly from its four-color source material? If it does, will the character’s obscurity allow Marvel and Netflix to avoid the blowback that filmmakers often receive when popular characters aren’t adapted exactly how fanboys think they should be?

The first trailer for Iron Fist underwhelmed some people and probably seemed familiar to a lot more. In fact, the internet focused on it seeming very similar to the CW series, Arrow. There are seeming similarities to Batman Begins as well.

Christian Toto (@HollywoodInToto) is editor of HollywoodInToto.com and host of the Hollywood in Toto Podcast. I asked him if audiences will be put off by another story about a rich orphan who goes off to a far-off land only to return years later as a crime-fighting superhero.

“Superheroes remain extraordinarily popular, and familiarity to existing properties won’t be much of a speed bump,” Toto said. “The show’s creators would be wise to create some distance to any Bat-similarities but I’m guessing they’ll do just that.”

Christian Bladt (@ChristianDMZ) is executive producer of The Tomorrow Show. He also hosts The Trump Report (at AfterBuzz TV) and The Bladtcast. He had some similar thoughts on Iron Fist’s origins. . . .

Read the entire article at The Loftus Party.

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