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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why Is No One Shouting, ‘Treason!’ over U.S. Alliance with Pakistan?

Pakistan. Map Courtesy of CIA World Factbook.
From The Long War Journal:

The National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s intelligence service, confirmed that its forces killed Qari Saifullah Akhtar, a top Pakistani al Qaeda leader, during a raid last month in the southern province of Ghazni. Akhtar’s involvement with jihad spanned four decades, and he has been directly linked to Osama bin Laden and Pakistan’s Inter-Serves Intelligence Directorate. . . .

Read the entire article to see how Pakistan was involved with this terrorist. This is not uncommon. The U.S. has long known that Pakistan supports terrorists, and that it has helped such terrorists as they murder U.S. troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

And then try to figure out why no one shouts, “Treason!” over U.S considering Pakistan an ally even as all the Ruling Class has declared Donald Trump a traitor for not being as hostile as they want towards Russia.

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