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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rosa Brooks, Trump, and Military Coups

You may have heard about Rosa Brooks, a former Obama DOD official, writing a piece at Foreign Policy that mentioned Trump and that also mentioned something about a military coup. Go find it and read it if you haven’t heard about it or if you want to find out exactly what it said (“3 Ways to Get Rid of President Trump Before 2020,” circa Jan. 30). However, it isn’t the first time Brooks wrote a column that mentioned Trump, the military, and coups. She wrote about these things in 2016 at The Washington Post.

In addition to that, Brooks has written other noteworthy things. I wrote about Brooks in 2016 in a post at BarbWire that focused on how the intelligence community and the DOD promote sodomy. I excerpted a portion from a piece she wrote in 2015 at Foreign Policy titled, “Can Gay Marriage Defeat the Islamic State?”

Matt Barber’s book, Hating Jesus (which I helped author) also excerpted from “Can Gay Marriage Defeat the Islamic State?” You can read that excerpt, and much more, in Chapter 16: “Redefining Marriage = Attack on Christianity.”

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