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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Men Like Gorgeous Women (and Women Like Tough Men)

Men like gorgeous women and women like tough men. This is an indisputable, fundamental fact. But if someone is prone to denying it, discussing war is a great way to bring him back to reality.

When men go off to war they sometimes leave women behind and engage in a lot of violence. Deployments last months, and, depending on the mission, they might not see a woman during that entire time. Or if they do, it’s only sporadically. That means when they see women again, it’s a particularly welcome sight.

This is especially true when they see beautiful women. The photograph that heads this post (and which is republished below for clarity) demonstrates this better than words can. It’s an official Department of Defense photo from 2014, and it documents U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan firing weapons as Washington Redskins cheerleaders shriek in shock and awe at the firepower. . . .

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