Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is U.S. Counterintelligence Worthless?

SCI Intelligence Graphic. © Paul Hair.
Counterintelligence exists to stop foreign and domestic threats from spying on your nation and otherwise compromising it. If it fails at this task, it serves no purpose. So if U.S. counterintelligence cannot stop illegal leaks of classified government information to the media, and if it cannot find and stop subversives within government before they cause grave damage, then why should the American government continue to spend millions (if not billions) of dollars on counterintelligence professionals and programs?

Government officials providing classified information to the media in an attempt to undermine the Trump administration has become a nearly daily occurrence. Such activity is a crime and a danger to national security, and yet there are no signs of anyone attempting to stop these officials.

There are also stories of other subversions and threats against U.S. information and interests, such as Democratic House IT staffers allegedly receiving $100,000 from an Iraqi politician. It remains questionable as to whether such subversions and threats are legion.

Regardless, if American counterintelligence professionals, and the leaders in charge of them, are not going to aggressively investigate and stop such threats, then there is no need to have them, their programs, or the bureaucracies running them.

The Trump administration should remind American counterintelligence of this.

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