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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Iraqis Criticizing U.S. Immigration Policies Is an Insult to Americans

America spent billions of dollars and the blood of thousands of its countrymen to give Iraqis freedom. In return, Iraqis celebrated American troops leaving Iraq as a defeat for America. The Iraqi nation now also allies with Iran. The Iraqis’ latest slap in the face to Americans is their proclaiming a right to invade, occupy, and takeover the U.S.

Donald Trump signed some executive orders instructing the government to follow the law and be extremely careful in who it lets into the United States. This led to the media launching a massive fake news operation declaring that the U.S. is banning Muslims. Part of this disinformation campaign included publishing stories of how Iraqis are now mad at the U.S. for protecting its sovereignty.

The United States of America has every right to protect its sovereignty. In fact, it has a duty to do so. The U.S. has no obligation to care for the rest of the world. And Iraqis cursing the U.S. for attempting to survive is particularly disgusting.

American troops sacrificed and died to give the Iraqi people freedom from Saddam Hussein and to give them an officially Islamic theocracy as they wanted. Troops still sacrifice and die in Iraq on behalf of Iraqis. And this comes after the Iraqis cheered the U.S. leaving Iraq in 2009 as a “victory” over “foreign occupiers.”

This also comes after the Iraqis decided they would now ally with Iran even as Iran wounded and murdered hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq during our fight for the Iraqis.

So Iraqis (and their progressive allies) attacking the U.S. for doing what it should have done long ago is beyond the pale. Were justice to prevail, then Trump would issue another executive order—this one saying that the U.S. was stopping all immigration and acceptance of refugees, and that it was also actively seeking to rid the nation of many more non-Americans who currently are here.

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