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Saturday, February 11, 2017

DC Comics Writer Explores the ‘Ugly’ History of DC Comics

Excerpt of cover for New Super-Man #1, Vol. 1.
Art by Viktor Bogdanovic for DC Comics.
Notice the communist Chinese flag on his shoulder.
DC Comics writer Gene Luen Yang will be reintroducing Ching Lung, a character created in 1937, into upcoming issues of the comic book about the Chinese version of Superman. Yang says he is doing so as part of examining some of the “ugly stuff” in the history of DC Comics. And in doing this, Yang becomes a potential “big fan” of DC Comics.

Gene Luen Yang is writing New Super-Man for DC Comics. The Washington Post reported on Feb. 7 that Yang will be including “a villain who’s a Chinese stereotype” in upcoming issues.

The article describes Ching Lung as first appearing on the cover of issue number one of Detective Comics in 1937, and says that “some might say [he] is the embodiment of political incorrectness.” Yang explained to The Washington Post why he is reintroducing the character.

“If we really want to embrace who we are as Americans, we have to look at both the good and the bad and the pretty and the ugly of our history. If rebirth is about reclaiming a lot of DC’s past, we also have to examine some of the ugly stuff, too. So that’s what we’re hoping to do.”

I wrote a column in January for The Loftus Party called, “I’m Your Biggest Fan So I Hate Everything about You.” It discussed how people have a tendency to turn over their creative properties to those who say they are the “biggest fans” of the properties but then go about destroying or disparaging everything about them.

Decide for yourself if what Yang is doing with Ching Lung and the Chinese Super-Man puts him into the Big Fan category.

[HT: Dave Huber (@ColossusRhodey)]

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