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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Conservatives Cheer Sodomy but Object to Women in Swimsuits

Christie Brinkley, 63, in 2017 Sports Illustrated photo.
Image via RealClearLife.
One of the principle tenets of conservatism is that it must always move leftward. So it’s no surprise that it’s now easy to find conservatives who cheer on a sodomite announcing that he is leaving progressivism even as other conservatives object to scantily clad beautiful women.

Most people still think conservatism is the opposite from progressivism. This is untrue. Conservatism is simply the junior varsity of progressivism, ensuring that progressive advancements are never undone while also now embracing what only the most radical of progressives embraced ten years ago.

And so it’s unsurprising that it’s quite easy to find conservatives cheering sodomites who “come out” as conservative even as other conservatives condemn “the objectification of women.”

The New York Post published a column by a sodomite who claims to have switched from being a progressive to being a conservative. Conservative pundits across social media cheered this.

Meanwhile, conservative culture site Acculturated published, “Christie Brinkley’s Bikini Feminism,” on Feb. 13 and criticized the 63-year-old for posing in swimsuits.

True, conservatism used to be associated with morality and modesty. But since it, along with the rest of society, now endorses the worst of perversions, why would a scantily clad woman be an issue any longer? The only reason it would be an issue is for social justice warrior reasons. (“A woman is not a piece of meat!”)

Not every conservative is pro-sodomy and against beautiful women in swimsuits. But this contrast helps illustrate larger changes in conservatism.

And conservatism, like the rest of society, will continue moving leftward. But because it might continue moving leftward at a slower pace than the rest of society, society at large will still think of it as being “the right-leaning opposition.”

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  1. This article addresses a subject that is somewhat dated. Nobody cares about women in swimsuits right now. The hot topic is pedophilia. NYT says it is ok and should be treated like an illness.