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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Big Sodomy and Why ‘Moonlight’ Won Best Picture

Still image from Moonlight trailer.
Moonlight won the Academy Award for Best Picture for 2016. And while the initial mix-up involving its win is the hot news surrounding it, the bigger story is how its win is part of Big Sodomy conducting influence operations to make everyone believe that sexual deviancy is good.

IMDB provides the synopsis for Moonlight. Read it. And then do a google search for “black homophobia,” “homosexuality in black culture,” “black homophobia statistics,” or some other related search.

And then recall how Hollywood openly admits that the entertainment it produces is designed to influence you. Matt Barber covered this in Chapter 19 of his book (which I helped write), Hating Jesus.

The Hollywood Reporter published a lengthy article on its website that included many tweets from celebrities and politicians who sang the praises of these five rogue lawyers on the High Court.179 Meanwhile, the Atlantic published, “The Modern Family Effect: Pop Culture’s Role in the Gay-Marriage Revolution” (with a subheading of, “TV has convinced America that same-sex couples can be just like straight ones. What’s next?”).180 And the Los Angeles Times cheered the heresy with, “Years before court ruling, pop culture shaped same-sex marriage debate.”181
The pretense slipped well prior to 2015, with the Hollywood Reporter publishing a 2012 piece headlined, “THR Poll: ‘Glee’ and ‘Modern Family’ Drive Voters to Favor Gay Marriage— Even Many Romney Voters,” while USA Today announced in 2013 that, “Hollywood: Gay marriage’s best man—Films and TV helped clear a path for acceptance in pop culture.”182,183

Moonlight winning Best Picture has nothing to do with it being the best film of 2016; it won because it is designed to influence even more Americans to embrace sodomy.

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