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Friday, January 13, 2017

Suicide Is a Right Unless Progressives Can Weaponize It

Security and Culture Intelligencer
Autotheists are advancing their agenda by both legalizing and normalizing euthanasia across the globe. And as they seek to make even “involuntary euthanasia” legal and normalized, they increasingly advocate that suicide should even be a “right” for perfectly healthy people. The only time they waver from promoting this unspeakable evil is when they can weaponize it against Christians who oppose another of their sacred agenda items: sodomy.

It’s become common to find news on the promotion of euthanasia and how it is being extended from “a compassionate choice for the terminally ill” to every other reason and person you can imagine.

“Suicide Is a Right” is the new narrative…except for when autotheists can weaponize it against Christians.

And this is why you will always see stories declaring that opposing sodomy (particularly the darling of Big Sodomy—“transgenderism”) causes suicide in sodomites, and that in such instances suicide is a bad thing.

Watch for this narrative to continue and grow in the future.

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