Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pundits Cheer Violence against Richard Spencer

Pundits cheered a man punching Richard Spencer in the face on Inauguration Day, showing that people of all stripes, conservative and progressive, support violence and lawlessness when they are directed against socially despised targets.

Democrat-backed rioters caused chaos and violence as the United States of America inaugurated Donald Trump as its 45th president. And while many conservative pundits condemned this general violence, some joined their progressive brethren in praising an attack on Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute.

I am not linking to anyone praising the attack on Spencer because I do not wish to give them the publicity. But the simple matter is, an illegal act of violence is not supposed to be acceptable against anyone regardless of what you may think of him.

Two days ago sodomites went to the Maryland home of Vice President Mike Pence and engaged in a sodomite “dance party.” Does anyone think any conservative or progressive pundit would have supported someone punching one of these people in the face—even as this particular gathering likely was illegal?

Pundits on the left and right chided and scolded us about the need for civility and decorum during the entire 2016 presidential campaign season. Yet when someone engages in an illegal act of violence against someone who is socially rejected, they cheer or laugh at it.

And they wonder why the American people have lost respect for them.

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