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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fiction as Forecasting

Cover art for the short story, Mortal Gods: “HVT”
© Paul Hair, 2017
C4ISRNET reported on Jan. 11 that the U.S. Marine Corps is looking to “short stories to help forecast future operating concepts in an increasingly complex world.” That is similar to what I have started doing with my fiction writing.

One of the stories I am currently finishing is called, Mortal Gods: “HVT.” I have intentionally withheld details of what it is about but if you are into national security, then you already know what “HVT” means. And the plot of it involves the U.S. government coming up with a unique way to get around the problem of nations denying it permission to using their airspace when the U.S. needs it.

You will have to read the final story (which will be free) to see how that occurs. But the point is, this will both be a fun read and a story that stimulates thought on solving national security challenges in unique ways.

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