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Friday, January 13, 2017

Berating Kids for Hunting but Not for Identifying as ‘Transgender’

Security and Culture Intelligencer
One of the easiest ways to realize how America has changed for the worse is to consider how even the most conservative of leaders now tiptoe around the subject of so-called transgender children even as society thinks nothing of berating children for hunting, or for playing with toy and imaginary guns.

The College Fix published, “Parent: Teacher shamed 9-year-old daughter for shirt commemorating first deer kill,” on Jan. 7. This is the latest story of an adult tearing into a child for something which we used to universally recognize as innocuous or even positive. Other instances of adults ripping into children for playing with toy guys (or imaginary ones), and doing other normal stuff that children do now regularly make the headlines.

Meanwhile, I see more and more conservative and professing Christian leaders insisting that society must treat individuals who declare themselves members of the opposite sex with “compassion” and “understanding” lest we drive them into depression or suicide. This exhortation extends to children whose obviously insane parents have convinced them to say they are the opposite sex.

Leaders have conditioned society to accept the terrorization of kids for doing normal things while simultaneously conditioning even the staunchest of opponents to the sexual mutilation and abuse of children to be “nuanced” in their opposition to this evilest of evils.

Nothing good will come of this.

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