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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Russia & the World Manipulate America

Russian President Putin. Image from BBC News footage.
Government officials and public leaders are claiming that Russia manipulated the 2016 presidential election so Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton. And as they make this clam, it is important to realize that Russia and the world have long manipulated America—even as no one cared about it until this year.

I’ve written an extensive analysis on the many problems regarding the accusation that Vladimir Putin and Russia influenced the U.S. election so that Trump would win. But for those who are only interested in a partial BLUF for that analysis, here it is: foreign states have long interfered with U.S. elections but no leader has cared about it until after Election Day 2016.

Furthermore, Russia and the world have interfered with and manipulated the U.S. in many other ways as well. They do so right now. . . .

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