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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Russia & the Election Narrative Continues Crumbling

Russian President Putin. Image from BBC News footage.
American leaders and media continue claiming that Russian interference with the U.S. presidential election resulted in Donald Trump winning. Yet others are beginning to find problems with this accusation, lending support to my assessment that the dominant narrative for this story is wrong.

I wrote a lengthy analysis at the Security and Culture Intelligencer on Dec. 16 that noted several problems with the accusation that Russia won the election for Trump. That analysis also brought up several other issues regarding the election and U.S. national security that no one else is discussing.

On Dec. 21, I wrote a shorter analysis here at the Loftus Party and noted that Russia and the world have long interfered with the U.S. even as no one cared about it until post-Election Day.

Other people are starting to challenge the dominant narrative as well. . . .

Read the entire post at the Loftus Party.

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