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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

FBI Investigation Confirms Hillary Ran a Shadow HUMINT Operation

CIA veteran Kent Clizbe and I authored an extensive analysis and assessment in February on how Hillary Clinton ran a shadow human intelligence (HUMINT) operation while she was Secretary of State. Documents the FBI released on Sep. 2 regarding its investigation into Clinton’s illegal email server partially confirm a key part of what we wrote.

Kent and I noted in, “Hillary Clinton’s Shadow HUMINT Operation,” that Hillary was running an unauthorized HUMINT operation while she was Secretary of State. We noted why this was wrong and how it damaged national security.

Sidney Blumenthal was a key person in the HUMINT operation. We noted that he was providing Hillary with reporting in a format similar to what the U.S. intelligence community uses. . . .

On page 26 of the first document the FBI released in September on its investigation into Hillary’s illegal email server it noted the same thing in strikingly similar wording. . . .

Read the whole piece at BarbWire.

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