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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Democrats Re-elected a Felon in November

Pa. Rep. Leslie Acosta. Video still of Pa. House session.
Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election overshadowed most every other race this past November, including the race where Philadelphia Democrats re-elected Leslie Acosta, a convicted felon, to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Back on Nov. 18, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Rep. Acosta had “secretly pleaded guilty to a federal felony charge this year” and so her fellow Democrats gave her “an icy reception” at the Capitol in Harrisburg following her reelection.

The Inquirer explained how Acosta was able to run for office despite pleading guilty to a felony. “The state constitution bars public officials from holding office if they have been convicted of felonies, but that process that is not considered complete until a sentence is imposed.”

And while the Democrats’ reception of her was “icy,” it might not have been that her felony conviction offended them. The Inquirer noted that, “Members of the Philadelphia delegation unceremoniously asked her to leave. One accused her of wearing a wire for federal investigators.”

A 2015 video of Rep. Acosta in the Pa. House of Representatives provides further insight into her character.

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