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Monday, November 28, 2016

Why There Can Be No Peace

If you ever want to know why there can be no peace between progressives and the rest of America, a recent tweet from C. J. Werleman shows why.

On Nov. 20 Werleman tweeted, “For 3 decades, rural America has waged a cultural war against those of us who like books, foreigners, & the ocean. Time to wage one back.”

The exact opposite is true, of course.

You’re probably asking who C. J. Werleman is. And the fact that he isn’t a household name underscores just how great the divide is.

He isn’t a named leader of the progressives. But he isn’t some crazy spouting off on the internet either. His Twitter biography says that he’s a, “Columnist for Middle East Eye. Host of ‘Talkin Merica’ on iTunes. Author of The New Atheist Threat. http://www.middleeasteye.net/users/cj-werleman.”

If Werleman was a named progressive leader, people could dismiss him as a pundit who says outrageous things to get attention. If he was just a random guy venting on the internet, people could dismiss him as a nut. But he’s neither of those. He’s part of the progressive base. He’s representative of what progressives as a whole think.

And that’s why his tweet is a perfect demonstration for why there can never be peace between progressives and the rest of America.

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