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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Smug Obtuseness of Elites

One of the most noteworthy things about the 2016 presidential election is the smug obtuseness of elites. They were wrong about Donald Trump. They were wrong about everything. But they aren’t ashamed by that. They are proud of their ignorance.

A Nov. 15 article from the New York Times demonstrates this smug obtuseness. Here is an excerpt of it.

From the start, the central enigma was Donald J. Trump. How did this loose-lipped celebrity tycoon with no political experience get so far? Who were the Americans supporting him and why? 
When I started my unusual assignment of covering the American presidential campaign from the perspective of a foreign correspondent — for this, an American news organization — one of the first things I did was to invite questions from international readers. The bulk of them revolved around Mr. Trump, whose unorthodox romp through the Republican primaries propelled him to the party’s nomination — and ultimately to the presidency. 
Going back through my monthslong journey across America, there were many clues to Mr. Trump’s rising tide, although not all were easy to read. I drank with Trump supporters in bars and casinos. I approached them at rodeos. I chatted with them at gun clubs and diners and roaring political rallies. 
The broad topography of Trump country is, in many respects, easy to trace. It is a place of anger and frustration, gripped by a feverish anti-establishment sentiment. People wanted change — and a chance to raise a throbbing finger to the forces they blame for their lot in life. 
Yet other factors were at play, too, in this unruly insurgency, factors that sometimes made it hard to see clearly: racism, xenophobia, bigotry, talk radio, social media bubbles and a simmering culture war separating thriving coastal areas and the wounded interior of the country. It wasn’t always clear which elements were powering the “Trump Train,” as the movement called itself, and which were being buoyed along.

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