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Sunday, November 6, 2016

No One Demands Civility from Sodomites

Juicy Ecumenism documents one of the latest sodomite assaults on Christians.

LGBTQ activists disrupted a closed-door meeting of United Methodist bishops to protest perceived discrimination against them within the denomination. Their protests included confronting bishops with signs, driving around the convention center blaring “Dancing Queen” with the windows down, and taking over the bishops’ meeting space where they reasserted their demands with a megaphone.

Sodomites have used similar actions against Christians for a long time; decades or more. And during all these years, there has been no mass societal call for civility and decorum.

In fact, these intimidating and vulgar tactics have worked spectacularly well for sodomites and their fellow anti-Christians.

Remember this as you continue hearing politicians, pundits, and other self-righteous fools declare that the 2016 presidential campaign has destroyed civility, respect, and decorum.

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