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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hollywood Really Hates You and God

Hollywood really hates you and God.

Breitbart published a post on Nov. 4 titled, “‘Jesus F*cking Christ,’ Please Vote: Celebs Curse Up a Storm in Pro-Hillary Music Video (Content Warning).” The parts of the video transcribed in the text of the post did not include, “Jesus F*cking Christ,” so I watched the video to see if the Democratic operatives did indeed sing that.

They did.

You may visit Breitbart for more of what went on but this is just another reminder of what sewage Hollywood is.

I do not suggest complaining about it. Hollywood is irredeemable. But the video is a good reminder of why I am moving towards eliminating more and more of my support for anything these anti-Christians produce.

And it is also why I am producing my own entertainment.

Hollywood hates you and God. Hate it back.

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