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Monday, November 28, 2016

Crowd Confronts Police in Harrisburg, Pa.

Front view of the Capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. © 2016, Paul Hair.
Police in Harrisburg, Pa. responded to an emergency call last week and faced the additional challenge of dealing with a group of people that had gathered near the site.

PennLive reported on Nov. 26 that Harrisburg police “encountered a crowd of more than 200 people that ‘were confrontational with police’” when the police responded to a shooting near a city bar.

The situation was serious enough that an official police statement said that, “‘Additional officers from surrounding jurisdictions (and Pennsylvania State Police) were summoned to assist with crowd control.’”

It’s unclear if the Nov. 26 incident is a sign that the national trend of violence against police and anti-police activism is now a serious problem in the Pennsylvania capital.

However, anti-police activism is not new to Harrisburg. Furthermore, Harrisburg is a decaying city with a variety of other problems.

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