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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Massive Intelligence Failure

Pollsters, media, and pundits assured us for the past year-and-a-half, including on Election Day, that Donald Trump would not be President of the United States. They were wrong. This is a massive intelligence failure and there should be consequences.

The U.S. intelligence community tries to determine what far-away foes are doing, and what they might do next. The IC operates in hostile environments where foes try the best they can to hide their intentions. Yet when the IC supposedly fails, politicians, media, and pundits become hysterical. They demand accountability and want to know why the IC isn’t a fortuneteller. Congress often acts, creating things such as the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA) when these so-called failures are big enough.

So if society believes there must be hysteria and massive action when the IC fails, how much louder should the hysteria and calls for action be regarding the 2016 presidential election intelligence failure?

Pollsters, media, and pundits operate in a friendly environment and have free access to all the information they need. They have no excuse for their massive failure. There now should be investigations and the tearing down of all these institutions.

This won’t happen, of course. But you can do your part to make them irrelevant. Tune out the old guard. Starve them of the attention they need to survive. Ridicule them. And tell everyone you know just how awful they are.

The ruling elites’ massive intelligence failure on the election wasn’t an anomaly. It is emblematic of them. They are incompetent and destructive, and they must go.

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