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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Media Outraged Trump Won’t Let Clinton Steal the Election

Democrat-Media Complex operatives became outraged during the presidential debate last night when Donald Trump refused to say that he would allow Hillary Clinton to steal the 2016 presidential election.

Debate moderators asked Donald Trump if he would instantly concede the election if the media crowned Hillary Clinton the president on Election Day. He would not say that he would. The media then went hysterical and accused Trump of undermining democracy.

Trump did not undermine “democracy” with his answer. In fact, his answer was correct. And the media know it.

The moderators failed to ask Clinton the same question about conceding the election. The media are ignoring this.

There now is indisputable proof that the Democrats steal elections (see the video at the end of the post). The media are ignoring this as well.

Al Gore did not concede the 2000 presidential election when he lost. The media are ignoring this, and they are ignoring how they foment rage among their base to this day with lies about how George W. Bush “stole” the election from Gore. And, of course, the media are ignoring how Gore helped foment irrational rage among the Democrat-Media Complex base years after he lost to Bush (see the below video).

And the fact that the media are hysterical with Trump for not saying he would concede the election regardless of how much the Democrats cheat shows that they are outraged that he will not let Hillary steal the election.

The media are scum and a national security threat to the Republic. As so is the rest of the Democrat-Media Complex.

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