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Friday, October 7, 2016

FLASHBACK: Democrat-Media Complex Talk about ‘Too Much Penis’ in Their War on Men [VIDEO]

As the Democrat-Media Complex continues its unrelenting War on Men, it’s a good time to flashback to a few years ago when MSNBC commenters S. E. Cupp and Krystal Ball vulgarly commented on it by saying there is “too much penis” in Washington. And as the presidential election rapidly approaches it is important to ask: Do we want another four years of the crude Democrat-Media Complex controlling the White House?

Progressives have waged a War on Men for decades. And in 2013, after watching Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) rail against men in a televised clip, Democrat-Media Complex commentators S. E. Cupp and Krystal Ball commented on it at MSNBC. During their comments, the two (with Cupp apparently gasping for breath) talked about there being “too much penis in Washington.” Watch the below video for full context (HT: Washington Free Beacon).

In addition to that vulgarity, Ball also said in 2013 that the federal government is so small “it can be vaginally inserted.” Again, HT to the Washington Free Beacon for the below video of these remarks.

For her part, Cupp is a favorite among conservatives who consistently promotes the progressive agenda. She has attacked Rush Limbaugh over the years and is also famous for advocating for sodomy, going so far as to cry on TV in celebration of the Supreme Court destroying marriage.

As the conservative-progressive establishment solidifies its support for Hillary Clinton in the November election, remember how the Democratic-Media Complex thinks there is “too much penis” in Washington.

Ask yourself if you really want four more years of this vulgarity and outright filth from the Party of Evil.

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