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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Air Force Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Unit Hired Contractors to Create Six Breastfeeding Rooms

Airmen assigned to the 341st Missile Wing, a U.S. Air Force unit in charge of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, hired contractors and spent manpower on creating six breastfeeding rooms for nursing airmen.

The 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs announced that it had spent time and money on renovating six rooms at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana so airmen in the unit could breastfeed.

According to Koebel, not knowing where to start or what avenues to take was a challenge at times. 
Koebel and Monroe began by getting a breastfeeding support letter signed by the base commander in May. 
“From the space utilization board updates, (submitting work requests to the 341st Civil Engineer Squadron), and attending contracting and finance meetings, it was not an easy process,” said Monroe, 341st Missile Wing public affairs officer. . . . 
Six rooms in centralized locations were chosen to be Mother’s Rooms; Rooms 150 and 343H in Building 500, Room 104A in Building 1191, Room 115K in Building 1439 and Rooms C123 and C135 in Building 2040. 
“We had a lot of help along the way from Airmen and civilians (across the base),” said Koebel. 
With the help of the 341st Contracting Squadron and 341st CES, renovations were accomplished for each of the rooms, including paint and installation of cypher locks.

The press release did not specify how much the contracting work cost, nor how many manpowers the U.S. Air Force lost with its airmen “attending contracting and finance meetings.”

In theory, the primary mission of the 341st Missile Wing is to “defend America with safe, secure, effective nuclear forces and combat-ready Airmen.”

The Wing “operates 150 Minuteman III missiles which provide the critical component of America's on-alert strategic forces.”

The Obama Department of Defense has prioritized U.S. troops breastfeeding on duty during the last few years.

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