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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

U.S. Intelligence Officials Are Trying to Undermine Trump

U.S. intelligence officials are actively trying to undermine Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency by using the media to spread unverified information about him. I mentioned this on Sep. 8 and now others are noticing it too.

Ken Dilanian of NBC News tweeted a link to a Sep. 8 article he wrote called, “What Really Happened at Donald Trump’s Intelligence Briefing.” The buried lead of the article is that currently serving U.S. intelligence officials are working to undermine Trump’s campaign for the White House.

Six current and former senior officials said they were aware of friction between retired Gen. Michael Flynn, one of the advisers Trump brought to the briefing, and the officials who conducted the briefing. Four sources with knowledge of the briefing — including two intelligence officials who spoke to people in the room — said Flynn repeatedly interrupted the briefers until New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie intervened.

I tweeted, “Are US intel pros leaking info to @NBCNews in order to undermine #Trump?” right after I read the article.

And a day later, Fred Fleitz brought up the same question in an article at National Review Online.

More important is a serious violation of the rules for presidential-candidate briefings that Hayden did not condemn: intelligence officers’ leaking to the press what went on in the briefing room. This came to light in a September 8 NBCNews.com story quoting six current and former senior officials — two of whom were identified as current intelligence officials — who said there was friction during the briefing with Trump adviser General Michael Flynn, who repeatedly interrupted the briefers with pointed questions.

U.S. intelligence community leaders are among the most corrupt people in government. It’s not surprising they’re trying to influence the election. And while it’s good that others are picking up on what I noticed soon after NBC News published its article, few people will care and the corrupt practice and officials will continue.

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  1. are you kidding?? " Trump adviser General Michael Flynn, who repeatedly interrupted the briefers with pointed questions" that is a GOOD thing. And an administration's briefs are ONLY as good as the officers and the data! How well do YOU know the intel community itself? It's been co-opted. Look at PTECH. PROMIS,. and the Inslaw affair.