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Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Reason You Shouldn’t Trust NGO [VIDEO]

SCI published an assessment in June that showed why people should not trust nongovernmental organizations despite people’s tendency to do so. A new report from ABC News provides additional reasons for why people should view NGO with suspicion.

SCI published, “Human Rights Groups and Other NGO Are Not Your Friends,” on June 11. The assessment showed why people should not trust them to provide unbiased or even accurate information.

ABC News published, “Doctors Without Borders Refused to Help American ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller,” on Aug. 24, reporting on why the group would not help her.

Doctors Without Borders responded to the ABC News report. ABC News also included comments from a spokesman for the NGO in its televised report.

Read all the written material and watch the videos. Decide if Doctors Without Borders made the right decision.

But ultimately you should keep in mind that NGO have their own agendas. And keep in mind the original SCI assessment which also shows that NGO don’t always report accurate information. In short, there is no reason to trust NGO any more than you would trust anyone else.

The first video below is an excerpt of the ABC News report. It focuses on the Doctors Without Borders spokesman. The video below that is the full video report.

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