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Monday, August 8, 2016

Why Aren’t Politicians Condemning Satanists?

Satanists are becoming bolder in the U.S. Yet politicians are silent on the matter and government officials are refusing to ratchet up pressure on them. Why is this? After all, politicians and the government go after white supremacists all the time.

The Washington Times reported on Aug. 1 that Satanists will be starting “After School Satan Clubs.” There is no public outcry over this. Politicians and government officials are not applying pressure to the Satanic Temple and its leaders.

You might think there is nothing to do because this is a free speech issue. But you’d be wrong.

Read the following links about how the government and public officials respond every time there is any inkling that a white supremacist is active in any area of the country. And then ask yourself, why don’t politicians and the government respond the same way to Satanists?

** April 29, 2014 – Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (Press Release) – Casey Calls on DOJ to Send Community Relations Service to Camp Hill – DOJ Sent Community Relations Team to Fairview Township Following Establishment of KKK Neighborhood Watch There / Community Relations Service Helps Communities Deal with Tensions Arising from Race, National Origin

** April 29, 2014 – The Sentinel (Carlisle, Pa.) – Our View: KKK a harsh reminder of racism

** April 29, 2014 – PennLive (Harrisburg, Pa.) – Casey wants justice department to respond to Camp Hill KKK overture

** September 3, 2015 – Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey (Press Release) – Casey Urges Department of Justice to Monitor Situation Closely

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