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Friday, August 5, 2016

Trump Is Right about Harrisburg. I Wrote about Its Terrible Condition in March.

Harrisburg, Pa. © Paul Hair
Donald Trump commented on the poor state of Harrisburg, Pa. the other day and the media rushed to condemn him for it. Yet he’s actually correct in his assessment. I wrote a long-form article about how terrible Harrisburg is earlier this year.

Trump remarked that Harrisburg looked like a “war zone” from the air because of the loss of its steel manufacturing and other industry. National outlets such as Politico and the Associated Press rushed to turn those comments into an information operation against him by having people from Harrisburg respond to his “attack” on the city.

I wrote, “Harrisburg, PA: Islamic Terrorism, Decay, and a Radical Mayor,” in March. (National attention focused on the city in December 2015 when the government arrested Jalil Ibn Ameer Aziz on charges he supported the Islamic Caliphate.)

Islamic terrorism is far from the greatest trouble for Harrisburg. The decay, corruption, and crime that run rampant in Harrisburg are its biggest problems.

Read my long-form article to understand just how awful the Pennsylvania capital is.

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