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Friday, August 5, 2016

Arrest of Spy Provides Insight into Chinese Espionage Practices

Department of Justice officials announced on Aug. 1 that Kun Shan Chun, a naturalized U.S. citizen from China, pleaded guilty to spying for China. Details of what Chun did and how China used him to spy on the U.S. reveal insights into Chinese espionage practices.

The Department of Justice press release notes that the government arrested Chun in March. It also says that Chun, “pleaded guilty today [Aug. 1] to a criminal information charging him with acting in the United States as an agent of China without providing prior notice to the Attorney General.”

The press release provides a lot of details on what Chun did and how China used him as an asset.

In approximately 2011, during a trip to Italy and France partially paid for by the Chinese nationals, Chun was introduced to Chinese Official-1, who indicated that he worked for the Chinese government and that he knew Chun worked for the FBI. During subsequent private meetings conducted abroad between the two, Chinese Official-1 asked questions regarding sensitive, non-public FBI information. During those meetings, Chun disclosed, among other things, the identity and potential travel patterns of an FBI Special Agent. . . . 
Chinese Official-1 also asked Chun for information regarding technology used by the FBI. In approximately January 2015, Chun took photos of documents displayed in a restricted area of the FBI’s New York Field Office, which summarized sensitive details regarding multiple surveillance technologies used by the FBI. Chun sent the photographs to his personal cell phone and later admitted to the FBI that he caused the photographs to be transported to Chinese Official-1 in China.

Read the full press release for additional information.

SCI has published assessments on how China is a major national security threat to the United States.

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