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Saturday, July 30, 2016

U.S. Media Advocate against U.S. Troops; for U.S. Enemies

Media are going after Donald Trump for comments he made regarding a speaker at the Democratic National Convention. The speaker attacked Trump, referencing his son who died in war while doing so. Trump responded to the attack.

I am intentionally not including the name of the man or any the comments from either party. You may find those on your own.

Instead, I will post some quick reminders of how the U.S. media do not really care about U.S. troops. They regularly advocate against them and for American enemies, all the while they praise themselves for doing so.

We shall start with the dead. The media are at the forefront of the jihad to destroy the monuments and memories of Confederate troops. And they proudly do this.

Next, the media are currently pushing the narrative that being a U.S. veteran is why Islamic and black supremacist domestic terrorists are doing what they are doing.

Media advocated for and secured the release of a jihadist who murdered and wounded U.S. troops.
Media went after a U.S. Marine who urinated on enemies who were trying to murder him and his fellow troops. The media succeeded in getting the Marine discharged. He is now dead.

And as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) reminded us just a few months ago, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) advocated against U.S. troops and for the enemy on the Senate floor in 2007.

And while not related to veterans, it is worthwhile to note that Jorge Ramos just ripped into a man whose son was murdered by an illegal alien. No media hysteria over this.
There are more examples, of course. But I suppose that by the time I finish writing this the media will be onto a new lie or disinformation campaign.

Never forget: the media are sewage.

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