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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SCI Welcomes Russian Readers

Welcome, to my new audience members in Russia. Visits from Russia have significantly grown over the past week or so. That’s great news as SCI is always seeking to increase its audience. And because of this growth, I want to take some time to go through a bit more of my work and also to give an advance of what work might be forthcoming.

Americans are normally the top audience of SCI—by a wide margin. But it was different this past week or more after I posted multiple analyses on Russia and national security. Those posts caused an explosion of visits from Russians.

SCI will continue posting intelligence analyses on national security and cultural issues that involve Russia. I will expand more on this in just a bit.

But I want to talk about my other work first, including my fiction.

Regular readers of SCI already know about Mortal Gods: Ignition and Winning through Losing. But if you’re new here, visit Liberate Liberty for more information on these books. [And be sure to visit my creator page at Liberty Island. I post updates on my fiction writing there. A free excerpt of, “The First Transgender Superhuman” (one of the three stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition) is available there as well. “I Am Chaos,” a short story set in the Mortal Gods universe, is also there—in its entirety and for free.]

My latest post at Liberate Liberty mentions (in the last paragraph) that I am working on some new short stories. One or more of these likely will include Russian characters, or involve Russia in the plot.

All this is shameless self-promotion, but I do so because it is necessary.

Few people like to read analyses on serious intelligence and national security issues. Unless there is a headline (and story to go with it) screaming that something is a scandal or massively dangerous, most people will pass over intelligence analysis.

That’s fine. That’s how the “news” business works. But, I’m not really interested in creating “stories” that scream scandal and immediate danger if they’re not really true. I like stories and analyses that are accurate.

But if I want to continue writing in such a fashion, I have to make money elsewhere.

That’s why I need more and more people to purchase and read my fiction. (Thank you to everyone who already has!)

I also need people to purchase other work I complete—work such as Hating Jesus, the book I collaborated on with syndicated columnist Matt Barber. (On top of this, if you are interested in cultural analysis, Hating Jesus will be a book you enjoy since it documents the cultural destruction that has occurred in the United States.)

But back to Russia and national security issues. I will continue posting analyses and assessments on Russia here at SCI. Sometimes they will be heavily critical of Russia; other times they won’t. Some will focus solely on intelligence and national security issues while others may focus more on culture (particularly U.S. culture) and how it affects security issues.

So if you’re from Russia, thank you for reading SCI and please continue doing so. And tell others to visit the site as well.

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