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Sunday, July 10, 2016

‘Pitch’: Major League Baseball Works with Fox to Propagandize for Misandry

Major League Baseball is teaming with the Fox Network for Pitch, a forthcoming TV series about a fictional first female MLB player.

The Hollywood Reporter published an article on Pitch on July 8.

Pitch centers on Ginny (Under the Dome’s Bunbury), a young female pitcher who defies the odds when she becomes the first woman to play in Major League Baseball. Fogelman and Fox cast Bunbury months ago and the actress — who comes from a family of athletes — began training immediately. Fox’s deal with Major League Baseball — which extends their existing relationship for postseason coverage — gives Pitch unparalleled access to the league’s teams, uniforms, players, stadiums and more. In exchange, MLB offers its experts (and loads of ex-players) to help ensure the show reflects the national pastime in the most authentic way possible. The team featured on the show is the San Diego Padres, with production filming at the team’s Petco Park.

Years ago people boasted to me that they stopped supporting Hollywood and would only watch sports so they could keep the filth out of their lives. They thought that if they kept retreating the autotheists would leave them and their last remaining bastions alone. They were wrong, of course, and now the autotheists have conquered the entire nation and captured every bastion.

There is an additional lesson to learn from this. Ever hear anyone argue that male pro sports don’t allow females on their teams thus it makes no sense to allow women in combat? Well, guess what? The logic of that argument doesn’t affect the autotheists ruling the U.S. In fact, they so despise logic that they are going to fight it by forcing women into men’s professional sports.

Will Pitch succeed or be cancelled? We’ll have to wait and find out. But one thing is certain: regardless of how Pitch fares, MLB, Fox, and all the other institutions the autotheists own will continue conducting influence and information operations in order to make you accept misandry and every other belief they want you to accept.

And they will never stop.

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