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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Opening Ceremonies vs. Training as U.S. Backs the Ukrainian Fight against Russia [VIDEOS]

American forces continue training Ukrainian troops as Ukraine continues fighting Russia in Ukraine. And while that remains a serious (and overlooked) national security issue, two recent videos highlight something more mundane: the boringness of military opening ceremonies versus actual training.

SCI posted, “U.S. and Russia Are at War in Ukraine but No One Really Cares [VIDEO],” on July 18 and highlighted how the media are downplaying the fact that the U.S. and Russia are fighting by proxy in Ukraine.

But recent videos released on DVIDS show how the oddity of military culture endures even in war.

The opening ceremony video is boring. I think I saw parts of American, Canadian, Ukrainian, and Polish commanders speaking while troops stood in formation. I did not make it through the entire six minutes of this Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine B-roll video.

Then there is video of Special Forces soldiers (also operating as part of Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine) engaging in sniper rifle training along with Ukrainians and other nationalities. It is also B-roll video yet it is much more watchable than the opening ceremony video.

Watch both videos below. In fact, watch the *three* below videos. I added a YouTube video of a soldier passing out while standing in formation (at a military ceremony unrelated to the other two videos) as an example of a not uncommon event where troops have to stand in formation while commanders and leaders speak. (By the way, I recommend assisting someone who passes out instead of continuing to stand in formation while he lays there. Drill and ceremony is nice but it’s better to assist someone in need of medical attention.)

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