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Monday, July 11, 2016

Only the West Embraces ‘Diversity’

Only the West embraces so-called diversity. Two posts from March of this year help illustrate this.

The Hollywood Reporter asked on March 30 if, “America’s TV Exports Too Diverse for Overseas?” with its subheading noting that, “International audiences don’t seem to be embracing the industry’s move to be more inclusive.”

Meanwhile, Dave Huber at the Colossus of Rhodey wrote about DC Comics “Rebirth” campaign for its line of comic books. Dave’s post demonstrates how the entertainment industry continues forcing diversity on American audiences.

DC Comics “Rebirth” is supposed “to reaffirm to fans the company’s commitment to readers,” according to publisher Dan Didio. 
An ... interesting way to show that commitment is the book New Superman, “a comic that is set in Shanghai and whose main character is a 17-year old Chinese teen who finds himself with Superman’s powers.”

The DC decision to introduce a Chinese Superman (Kenan Kong) is particularly interesting given the growing power of the Chinese in the entertainment industry. See the recently published SCI analysis, “China Is Using Hollywood for Information Operations,” for more information on this.

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